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Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Graduates Employment National Fund

Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Graduates Employment National Fund

Sudan University of Science & Technology has recently signed a memorandum of understanding with Graduates Employment National Fund which covered several areas, among them, the provision of training in the fields of agricultural sciences, veterinary medicine, animal production, human resource and media skills development, public relations training, fish culture and Ichthyology. The MOU has also included some projects such as agricultural and livestock incubators, in addition to leather and fish incubators.

In this connection, HE the Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Hashim Ali Salem said “One of SUST’s core missions to is to serve the community and transform lives for the benefit of the society,” he said, “The National Fund for Graduates Employment is a real added value to all graduates, and the partnership between SUST and the Fund in this concern represents a significant step taken for the benefit of society country-wide,” he added.

HE the Vice-Chancellor also said that SUST has other several projects such as poultry, fish & bees production projects, beside sheep feeding, food, vegetables, and dried meat manufacturing projects, pointing out that there are a range of other future projects which will be implemented by the University. These projects will include the manufacturing of bottles for laboratories and greenhouses, in addition to the manufacturing of laptops, “ Such projects will definitely require the provision of adequate funding to be implemented,” Prof Hashim said.

His Eminence Hasan Mohamed Mokhtar, the Secretary General of Graduates Employment National Fund pledged to provide positive support to graduates’ incubators and to accommodate the largest number of them in training programs with due attention to be given to transformative and rehabilitative training. Additionally he promised to fight poverty, reduce unemployment and promote the culture of self-employment among graduates, indicating that rehabilitative training became an industry that requires kind more than quantum in order to achieve goals and obtain the needed expertise. “The agreement represents the beginning of a major work which requires willpower, synergies and mechanisms to come into reality.” Mr. Hasan added.

Professor Mohamed Fadl al-Mulla, Director of Alumni Affairs, noted that SUST Management calls alumni to engage and participate with the University in the development of human resources. “The University has five incubators to employ graduates in Khartoum and other Sudan States, which provide opportunity to graduates to obtain the required training courses, and this of course requires the due attention of the Government and those in charge” he said.

Mr. Mustafa Al-Jak, Director, Training & Ongoing Studies Department said that the University is ready to train all segments of society and graduates by enrolling them in short administrative training sessions and project management courses to develop their skills and potentials, and gain relevant experience. In the same context, he said that there are 30 College in the University ready to offer training to those who are interested and who satisfy the required conditions.