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As much as we regret the losses of
some colleagues, we also cherish the
enrichment of the ICTM World Network
with colleagues from countries
which for various reasons were not yet
represented in the Council. This time,
we proudly announce as many as eight
new Liaison Officers and their countries:
María Gabriela López Yánez
(Ecuador), Joseph Jordania (Georgia),
Lisa Urkevich (Kuwait), Robert Chanunkha
(Malawi), Zlata Marjanović
(Montenegro), Mohammed Adam Sulaiman
Abo-Albashar (Sudan), Marita
Fornaro (Uruguay), and Jerry Rutsate
(Zimbabwe). Reports from three of
these newly included countries (Georgia,
Malawi, and Venezuela) are presented
in this Bulletin on pages 44, 53,
and 72 respectively.
Since the last Bulletin, six new Chairs of
National Committees and one Liaison
Officer were elected, so we take the
opportunity to thank the previous representatives
and welcome their successors.