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Success Breeds Success : Abdelmutalab Earns Prestigious Distinction in Quality

Success Breeds Success :  Abdelmutalab Earns Prestigious Distinction in Quality

Mr. Abdelmutalab Ibrahim Abd Al-Rasul, lecturer at Total Quality and Excellence Center- SUST, has been awarded the international professional membership of the Chartered Quality Institute, a leading professional body dedicated entirely to quality, with around 10,000 worldwide members, which grants its membership only to the most professional individuals in recognition for their quality-related skills in the field of medicine, engineering, law, quality and organizational excellence, who demonstrate competence and ability to positively impact their institutionsí capability to deliver quality, and benefit the public by advancing education in, knowledge of and the practice of quality in the relevant areas. It is worth mentioning that Abdelmutalib Ibrahim has been awarded this distinctive membership as the second Sudanese citizen to achieve such an international Recognition.

The Institute also plays other major roles in the fields of development, practice of quality, institutional and individual excellence and in identifying, controlling and organizing educational and professional values, and sets rigorous standards of excellence to maintain quality at the level required.

Mr. Abdelmutalib has been recognized for his strong commitment to quality and excellence, and has been awarded this high-level membership as a quality expert in the implementation of quality in the area of education and professional development through academic qualification (MSc in management of quality and excellence - Sudan University of Science and Technology), which is an important global and professional recognition awarded to him from one of the most effective high reliability Institutes around the globe.

SUSTís Management commends Abdelmutalib for having done an exemplary praiseworthy job, and for having made this success possible, hoping this will motivate and inspire others to high performance and stay ahead of the competition in their career.