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Media & the Challenges of Peace Workshop Recommends Highlighting the Commonalities between People of Sudan


Media & the Challenges of Peace Workshop organized by the Committee of Media, Culture, Youth and Sports at the National Assembly, in cooperation with Peace Culture Center at Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) held last week in the Green Auditorium at SUST, emphasized the importance of overlooking previous conflicts between the disputed parties and recommended to call them forget traumas of the past, transform conflicts into peace, promote tolerance, reconciliation and coexistence among people of different cultural backgrounds, and work towards strengthening the role of women, listening to their views on governance and peace-making, enhancing the role of their organizations and reinforcing the function of media in direct and indirect interpersonal intercommunication.

The Workshop also recommended the study of media and cultural practices, gain advantage of media popular traditional topics in educational curricula, benefit from the modern media plans and programs and capitalizing on the official and civil organizations efforts in the development of cultural awareness, in addition to other important recommendations on this significant subject.

It is worth mentioning that the Workshop was attended by the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, heads of specialized committees beside a group of academicians, vice chancellors of universities, deans of colleges, various media leaders, in addition to journalists and many media representatives who are interested in the issue of security and peace.