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The First Meeting of the University Senate for the Year 2013

The First Meeting of the University Senate for the Year 2013

HE Prof. Dr. Hashim Ali Salim, the Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University of Science and Technology “SUST”, chaired the first meeting of the University Senate for the year 2013. During the meeting, he briefed the members on the latest developments in the University explaining that SUST has sent a delegation, under his chairmanship, to the United Arab Emirates to inspect the progress of examination proceedings for postgraduate students in Medical Radiography and Medical Laboratory Sciences programs, “Students from Qatar and KSA will also be enrolled in these programs,” he said.

Prof Hashim also informed the Senate members that SUST has been chosen to participate in the dispute of Abyei to bring sustainable development in this area, and briefed them about workshops set up, in cooperation with the Ministry of High Education (MOHE) to train 150 high secondary schools teachers on the computerization of the curriculum in public education, adding that the new year will see the fixing of 59 automated gates at the University entrances to control exit/entry to SUST campuses. He also told the attendees that the buildings of the Colleges of Pharmacy and Dentistry will be constructed at the Medical Colleges campus in Arkaweet.

Prof Hashim concluded his speech saying that within the framework of the university efforts to serve the community and citizens, craftsmen will be trained at the training center in the University to make a change in society. The training will be done through a variety of programs aimed at specific target audiences. “Supporting people is a fundamental part of our commitment to the communities to help them realize their dreams and reach tangible goals the most rewarding,” he said.

During the meeting, the Senate has approved many important decisions such as the proposal to amend chapter five (V) of the Rules of Admission and Registration (internal transfer), promotion of the School of Engineering and Technology Industries to the College of Engineering and Technology Industries , and endorsed the proposal of Master of Science in Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Engineering by courses and dissertation, in addition to the establishment of the Deanship for Development and Quality, the proposals of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree programme in German language and the establishment of the Department of Chinese Language.