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Sudan University of Science & Technology (SUST) Signs a Collaborative Agreement with the University of Cairo “Egypt”


Sudan University of Science & Technology has recently signed a collaborative agreement with the University of Cairo in Egypt to use SUST halls and laboratories for the implementation of the project of Cairo University-Khartoum Branch.

The signing ceremony was attended by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Gad Alla Al-Hasan, SUST Principal
Dr. Rashid Ahmed Mohammed and a number of high ranking officials. Prof Hashim Ali Salim signed on behalf of SUST, while the Vice-President of the University of Cairo, Prof ‘Iz el Din signed on behalf of Cairo University.

Following the signing ceremony, Prof. Hashim expressed his deepest gratitude to the delegation for accepting the invitation to visit SUST, and highly appreciated the signing of the agreement with this prestigious university in our sister country Egypt for the benefit of both parties.