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The welcoming program for first-year students.

The welcoming program for first-year students.

The college organized a reception program for the new students for the academic year 2012/2013. The program extended for two days, and it contained too many topics, distributed as follows:
A. The first day (Sunday 23/09/2012), the program details of the day are as follows:

1. The program was performed in the Seminarís Hall. It began with a speech from the Dean (Dr. Sumya Abdelmoneim) congratulating the new students academic year and gave them a number of guidelines that are believed to help them in their academic careers, and in the same context the studentís supervisor (Mrs. Hawa ishag Gabriel) introduced general regulations to the students regarding their attitudes, appearance and academic performance.
2. The second part of the program contained a lecture in the regulations and the credit hour system, examination system, and result calculation system. The lecture was taught by Dr. Adel Abdul Majid, deputy secretary of Scientific Affairs.

B. The second day (Monday, 24/09/2012) The program included the following:

a) The first part of the day began with a trip to the Khartoum Refinery Company

The trip program contains the following:

1. Introduction to the Petroleum industry and its strategic importance.
2. Description of the production processes in Khartoum Refinery Company.
3. Tour inside the company's production units.
3. speech from the college Representative (Dr. Mohamed Abugaib), Head of Exploration Engineering Department, addressing thanks and appreciation of the college to the Khartoum Refinery crew for its material and moral support of the college in the field of oil refinery, he also welcomed the students, urging them diligence and perseverance to reach their desired goal.

b) The second part of the day to area Sbelloukh:

Contains several programs as follows:

1. Recitation.
2. Speech from the representative of the new students.
3. Speech from the representative of the SPE.
4. Speech from President of the Students Union.
5. Speech by Acting Head of Petroleum Engineering Department and President of the General Science Department and the coordinator of this program (Mrs.Fatima Musa).
6. Speech from studentís supervisor (Mrs. Hawa ishag Gabriel).
7. Speech from the Dean (Dr. Sumya Abdelmoneim) addressing a number of aspects, welcoming the new students, and urging them to abide by their straightforward behavior and discipline in all aspects of their life.
8. The program included paragraphs associated with entertainment provided by the enlightened elite of college students represented by some members from students union and the Society of Petroleum Engineering cooperation with a group of selected students from the Faculty of Engineering.