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“If God Supports you, None Can Overcome You”

“If God Supports you, None Can Overcome You”

The Board of Directors of Sudan University of Science & Technology “SUST” its High Management, Faculty and Staff have the honor to show with pride their most sincere congratulations to HE Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Bashir, President of the Republic of Sudan, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, and pay tribute to the successful and heroic efforts of the army forces in various sectors, Mujahedeen, and the entire people of Sudan who gathered together in the face of the enemy, showed their patient constancy and achieved this historic and glorious triumph with victory over the forces of tyranny, oppression and terror in the State of South Sudan, making the battle of Hijleej which witnessed the true determination of men to defend their homeland, the strong cohesion between our leadership and community, and the crushing ruinous defeat of traitors, a national epic that expresses the real essence of the people of Sudan, thus depicting our splendid past, glorious present and our bright future. This victory has been achieved, thanks to God, then by virtue of the courageous, fearless and brave men who continued to offer sacrifices for the safety of our homeland. This Day will remain in the memory of time to narrate to our coming generations the greatness and courage of their ancestors, and the true glory of our beloved country. No wonder, what has been witnessed in the battlefield of Hileej will remain a symbol of pride and dignity which demonstrates the nobility of the people of Sudan who do not accept humiliation and make sacrifices whatsoever, to maintain their honor and dignity.

This dear homeland will stay independent as long as its martyrs’ image is remaining in our hearts and minds. We vow to remain proud of our Religion, our People and our wise Leadership, and pay any price, bear any burden and meet any difficulty for our country to stand always strong and honorable.

Vice-Chancellor, Sudan University of Science & Technology
Prof. Hashim Ali Salim

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