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SUST Achieves another Remarkable Milestone

SUST Achieves another Remarkable Milestone

Since its establishment, SUST has achieved many noteworthy milestones, not only to fulfill its educational responsibilities, but to lead through example for other national and regional institutes to follow, which is seen clearly in the outstanding quality of its higher education in scientific and applied research and its tireless support and constant encouragement for professional development across the scientific and academic continuum in the University.

Among these achievements, the University awarded on Tuesday 28th of February 2012, a Ph.D. Degree in the field of Artistic Education which is considered the first-of-its kind at all Sudanese Universities’ level. A new milestone that opens thrilling vistas of climbing to newer heights, and deserves to be added to SUST’s unparalleled track record of success.

The session took place at the Seminar Hall in the College of Education attended by Dr.Abdel Razig Abdallah Elboni, the ex- Dean of College of Education and his ex- deputy Dr. Saeed Mohammed Ahmed Alnorabi, in addition to a number of professors and specialists in different areas of Education, Educational Technologies, and Artistic Education.

The Researcher, Khalid Abdel Aziem Yousif, presented his doctoral thesis before SUST’s faculty members on the subject entitled “The Extent of the Importance of Artistic Design and Production Techniques Competencies and Application in the Multimedia Learning Programs (E-Learning)”.

At the beginning, Dr. Abdul Basit Alkhatim, the supervisor, shed light on the subject of the study which aimed to identify the importance of the design and artistic presentation in the production of the educational multimedia for the learning process and the necessity for the universities’ teaching staff to cope with the new technology in educational process, beside providing specialists, technicians and designers to produce such programs according to technical and artistic standard Criteria, “This study is unique of its kind and distinct in its analysis. It is hoped that its outcome will lead to major breakthroughs on Artistic Education, and will significantly contribute to the development of a new structure to multimedia programs designers and the faculty members at all Sudanese Universities,” he said, ensuring that if the findings and recommendations contained in the research are given due attention and consideration, they will significantly contribute to the elaboration of advanced e-learning and the use of multimedia software for the purposes of education.

At the end of the session we asked the researcher about the subject of his study and the reason for conducting this research on this important topic, although it is new and complicated, “Most of postgraduate studies in Art Education focus on the areas of curriculum and teaching methods or areas of Fine Arts. On my part, I believe that the global trend s is heading towards Artistic Education, therefore the department and the field of specialization should be developed in order to keep pace with this approach. In spite of the fact that it is a new area of specialization, I decided to meet this challenge and go through this experience with high level of self-motivation, firm determination and confidence in my abilities and the unending support, encouragement and guidance given to me by my professors throughout my work on this research, and I was confident of success,” Dr. Khalid answered.

At the conclusion of his speech, the researcher extended his cordial thanks to the Professors and Faculty Members of the Colleges of Education in all Sudanese Universities in Khartoum State, and to his esteemed professors in the Faculties of Education, and Fine and Applied Arts, and to the High management of SUST, in particular, HE the Vice- Chancellor, Prof Hashim Ali Salim, for their unwavering moral support , inspiring guidance, generous help, encouragement and valuable suggestions throughout the research period and the preparation of his thesis