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The Art of Scientific Publishing in Peer-reviewed Journals

The Art of Scientific Publishing in Peer-reviewed Journals

The College of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research organized its bi-monthly lecture entitled “The Art of Scientific Publishing in Peer-reviewed Journals” delivered by Prof. Abdullah Alharith, a professor at the University of Amsterdam.
Dr. Hammudi Ahmed Saeed Dean of college of Graduate studies and Scientific Research spoke to the attendees saying how much the college is over-joyed at having Prof. Harith here, " Dr. Abdullah Al-Harith stands a shining example to Sudan for his unusual work and scientific accomplishments which are too varied to fully describe here, especially in his elaboration on Kala-azar and the accurate disease diagnosis he made which gave a broader idea on how to treat and control it worldwide,” “His research on this subject has resulted in innovative breakthroughs and concepts that will allow acquisition of more information on this disease. He is a worldwide foremost expert and a leading researcher whose research papers covered a wide range of areas. He has taught us how to acquire practical knowledge and precision technology, and assured us that scientist have a lot of proven experiences and technical skills to serve this world in many specialty different areas” he added, saying that SUST has the burning desire to attract him as a consultant to contribute to the Journal of Science and Technology and bring more development to its components.
On his part, Prof. Alharith briefed the attendees on the art of publishing scientific papers, and shed light on its components and the elements that qualify it for publication in peer-reviewed journals. He also spoke about the most essential factors required for a well-written scientific paper, such as the title “It should not be too short so as not to prejudice the main purpose of the paper, and must carry certain connotations, be attractive and touches on the objectives of the study precisely without exceeding ten words at most. “The writer must present information clearly and concisely and put them in the appropriate location” he said. Prof Alharith also addressed other vital elements required for the successful scientific paper such as the abstract, introduction, methods and materials, discussions , just to mention a few.