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Symposium on the Academic Advising at Southern Campus


College of Technology held a seminar at the Southern Campus to aware students of the college about the Academic Advising Program. The seminar was held in the presence of Dr. Mubarak Almahal the Dean of the College, Dr. Nagy Zamrawi the Vice Dean of the college, Ustaz Awad Fatihal Rahman vice Dean of Students, Ustaz Ashraf Abdal Hallim the registrar, Ustaz Ibrahim Omar Head of the Engineering Section and a big number of the staff and the students. During the seminar the students got acquainted with the academic and behavioral regulations that enable them to conduct their studies successfully. Dr. Mubarak Almahal welcomed all the new students hoping them happy academic year and called them to intensify efforts to achieve their prospective goals. Also, he explained the Credit Hours System mentioning that it is now has become world wide acceptable. Dr. Nagy informed them about curricular and extracurricular activities that improve their intellectual, social and cultural performance. The Vice Dean of the Students clarified that the importance of the activities in the college.