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The Charitable Fund of the College Distributes Foodstuff


The Charitable Fund of the College held a celebration for distribution of the second Ramadan foodstuff for the year 1432 under auspice of Dr. Mubarak Almahal, Dean of the college. The celebration was attended by Dr. Mahir Saleh the Dean of Students, The representative of the administration and a considerable number of staff and workers in the college. Ustaz Awad Fateh Alrahman, the Head of the Fund, began the party by praising and thanking Allah the exalted for distribution the second foodstuff of the Ramadan for the workers of the College. He noted that this effort was accomplished due to the effective membership of the Fund. Dr. Mubarak Almahal clarified that the Charitable Fund represents a powerful tool to spread the culture of social solidarity among the community of the college and congratulated the workers on Ramadan hoping them every success and joy