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An academic and administrative twinning between Sudan University and Malaysian UCSI


A senior delegation from the Malaysian UCSI University visited Sudan University of Science and Technology headed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Student Operations Assc. Prof. Dr. Lachman Tarachand and Dr. Roland from the purchasing office. The delegation looked into the programs, laboratories and workshops in the university so as to provide the opportunity for the students of the diploma to upgrade to bachelor degree at UCSI. The delegation toured the Southern Campus accompanied by Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim, Dean of Engineering College and Dr. Ahmed M. Ibrahim, Vice Dean of College of Technology. The delegation held a meeting with Professor Ahmed Altayeb the Vice Chancellor and Dr. Mubarak Almahal, Dean of College of Technology. Prof. Dr. Lachman maintained that the visit was within the framework of the cooperation with the Sudanese universities in general and SUST in particular. Dr. Mubarak Almahal expressed that the visit strengthens Sudanese Malaysian relations especially in the academic field. Professor Ahmed Altayeb expressed his pleasure and appreciation with the visit which comes for the good of the bilateral cooperation of the two countries.