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The Scientific, Technical and Cultural Week on Blue Nile TV

The Scientific, Technical and Cultural Week on Blue Nile TV

Blue Nile TV hosted Dr. Ahmed Mubarak Almahal, dean of College of Technology on Tuesday, May 17, in honor of sealing the third Scientific, Technical and Cultural Week in the college for the year 2011.
Almahal maintains that this week was an opportunity for cross-fertilization of cultural, intellectual and academic development of students and it harmonized science and creativity. However, this harmony will impact positively on academic achievement. Moreover, Dr Mubarak added that the most important advantages of this week were social interaction which embodied in the positive relation among students, staff, administration, civil organization and governmental agencies. He stressed that such activities strength the technical and technological aspects which in turn contribute to the development of the country.
Finely, the dean of the College assured their support to the efforts of students and says: “We are going on to achieve duality of science and culture and holding new extra curriculum activities that satisfy the need of students.