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Vet 2011

Vet 2011

In 2011, all the veterinary institutions that will join World Veterinary Year will have to organize in their own countries events to promote our profession.
This year, all international veterinary institutions, each in its special field, will dedicate themselves to promoting , during their annual event, a session celebrating the birth of our profession.
The main aim is to improve public awareness and remind policymakers everywhere in the world that:
Our profession has been serving humankind for 250 years;
Modern veterinarians are not only animal doctors and animal welfare advocates, they are also key public health stakeholders because of their crucial role in:

o promoting food security by supervising animal production hygiene,
o controlling zoonoses,
o monitoring food quality and safety,
o biomedical research,
o protecting the environment and biodiversity.
The College will contribute in this important global event, where as dean of college and some teachers attended meeting of Sudanese Medical Veterinary Association(SMVA) to prepare for this celebration which will include conferences, workshops, exhibitions and seminars throughout the year 2011.