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Registration steps for the new students admitted through the Office of Admission for the academic year 2010/2011.


1- The admitted student should bring the following:-
•Part of the application form that contain the number of the form.
•Complete fees of the university + registration fees + health insurance fees.

•Blood type
•passport size photos

2-Visit the registration web site

3-Download and print the form from the site after filling it.

4-Students of Engineering and Scientific studies must see the doctor for medical fitness.

5-See the interview committee to determine Tuition Fees according to the bylaw and filling the Financial Ability Form.

6-See the registrar to get the Authorization to Pay.

7-Going to the Accountant Unit to pay Tuition and registration fees.

8-Making sure of entering the information of the Financial Receipt in the Data Entry Lab. (bring part of the Application Form that contain the number of the form and the Financial Receipt).

9-Make 3 photocopies of the Form + the Financial Receipt.

10-See the Registrar office to hand over the following:-

• copies of the form.
• copy of the Financial Receipt.
• photos.
• Financial Ability Form.
• Any other documents.

11-See the Student Deanship to fill the 2 forms of (Activities + Medical insurance).

12-Getting the University card and Medical Insurance card from the Student Deanship at the beginning of the academic year.

Important notice:-

Anyone student fails to comply with the prescribed period of time (from 15/8/2010 to 29/8/2010) will lose his/her right to register in the college.
The credit hours is the system of the study in the college, so go through the academic regulations concerning this system.
Any student has to keep an authorized copy of the Registration Form and the Financial Receipt.