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World International Conference on Education (WICE-2010)


To: Dr. Saad Daoud Sulaiman
Date: 10th April, 2010
Subject: WICE-2010 Paper Acceptance and Invitation Letter

Dear Dr Saad Daoud Sulaiman

We are pleased to inform you that your paper titled "Upgrading of classical X-RAY medical devices toward digital devices" , has been accepted for oral presentation at the World International Conference on Education (WICE-2010) to be held at the Royal Cultural Center AMMAN, JORDAN, from the 19th to 20th.

On behalf of the WICE-2010 organizing committee, I am inviting you to attend and present your paper at the WICE-2010 in AMMAN, JORDAN. If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to meeting you at the WICE-2010. Dr Atif bin Tareef

WICE-2010 Steering Committee Chair