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Of the meetings of the International Theater ITI


Alhiih meetings in the framework of international theater ITI in Sudan this year and Africa are set up and training workshop for actors and directors buildings of the Faculty of Music and Drama at the University of Sudan for Science and Technology - In this workshop, contribute to each of the ITI Mmermrkz Sudan, ITI Germany and the Sudanese National Theater, theater spot and the College of Music and Drama, in the period from 14 / 10/2009 CE to 21/10/2009, the workshop under the leadership of the director and the German actor Kay Tkhman and supervision Alastazadl Mohammed Hassan Harbi, included the training workshop on the representation of different exercises out the application was theoretically based on the novel of the late Tayeb Salih "The Wedding of Zein - in the output.
The selection was made with the workshop of the lecturers in the Faculty of Music and Drama and some graduates owners of assessed contributions, and some students and graduates from different universities, "Niles Faculty of Education Department Aldramacharf end of this session, Mr. Romano President of the International Theater ITI.