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Practical Answers Sudan

Practical Answers Sudan

Practical Answers is a project initiated and launched by Practical Action. The goal of the practical Answers is to ensure that poor people have access to appropriate information about technology which can reduce their poverty

Practical answers Sudan desires to share knowledge and experience with the poor people who need it most and the wider development community. An example of the potential of Practical Answers comes from an example from North Darfur node, where Internally Displaced People (IDPís) wanted to know how they could rebuild their homes that have been destroyed during the ongoing conflict.

Practical Answers has established formal relationship and signed memorandum of understanding with the Institute for Family and community Development (IFCD) as strategic partner at Sudan University for Science and Technology.

The peculiarity of this partnership is attributed to the mandate of the institute (IFCD) which is mainly to support and achieve community out-reach for the university, through delivery of solutions and practical answers to those who are in need of such services. Being previously a polytechnic school interested in vocational and practical aspects, the University is the suitable partner for knowledge promotion, networking and co-ordination of knowledge delivery.