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College music and drama theatre and organize the cultural overlap

College music and drama theatre and organize the cultural overlap

Witnessed Theatre School music and drama Sudan University for Science and Technology the conference theatre and cultural overlap organized by the School of Music and Drama University and the University of grandchildren and the University Astrdam Netherlands in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports and the International Theatre (ITI).
Jadallah welcomed professor Hassan Abdullah, Deputy Director of the university to attend various colors and cultures from Arab and European states in Rehab Sudan University for Science and Technology, said that by this conference is one of the fruits of cooperation between the University and the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
At the time that the conference aims to represent the kind of theatre and to consider women's issues in the theatre and activate the role of women in society.
And Dr. Youssef Saad Dean of the Faculty of Music and Drama and he shows signs of success of this conference and the integration of cross-fertilization in the Middle West and this conference bringing together Sudanese desire demobilized in cultural diversity with the desire of a group of demobilized Arabs and Africans for the existence of an active and constructive dialogue.
For his part, Dr. Esmat Yehia of the Academy, said that the presence of this conference was to consolidate deflators culture and creativity between the two brotherly Egypt, the Sudan and stressed the cooperation in all areas of the arts and refinement and attention Palmohpin children of the Sudan and the theater.
It is noteworthy that the conference lasted from 11 - 13/12/2007 M. The presence or number of African States and the Sudanese universities, artists and theatrical.