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Last week Sudan University of Science and Technology signed a contract agreement worth more than 1,000,000 SDG with Dams Implementation Unit (DIU)..
SUST has won this contract through a firm bidding completion in a tender offered by the Dams Implementation Unit (DIU).
DIU which is now affiliated to the Presidency of The Republic used to be Merowe Dam Implementation Unit (MDIU) and through its remarkable success at Merowe Dam project it was entrusted to be responsible for all dams and irrigation projects in the whole country and hence it was renamed as Dams Implementation Unit (DIU).
Through this agreement DIU employed SUST as a contractor to conduct an agricultural soil survey study for Kenana area in Central Sudan which covers about 700,000 feddans.
The soil survey project is intended to characterize the soils, rate their crop suitability for irrigation and recommend on alternative land uses and proper management practices.
Lahmeyer International (LI), a German consultant was assigned by DIU to design the tender documents and supervise the field work to ensure accuracy and application of international standards.
Dr. Osama Rayis, SUST principal was nominated as General Manager of the project and Dr. El Abbas Doka, Land Resources Expert from the College of Agricultural studies as a Technical Manager and Field Team Leader.
The Head Office of the project will be housed by the College of agricultural studies (CAS) at shambat Khartoum north.