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Evaluation and Accreditation Committee (EAC) organizes a number of Symposium on Self-assessment Work


Evaluation and Accreditation Committee, SUST, has organized a number of symposiums on self-assessment workshops, which aim at achieving and reviewing the scientific programs.
The lectures were delivered by Prof Tajeldin Uthman, expert of evaluation and accreditation at the American universities and researcher in NASA.
In the sideline, deputy vice chancellor and chairman of (EAC), Prof Jadallah Alhassan, explained that the workshops including periodic lectures for the staff across the university and aiming at training on self-assessment, organizing the self-assessment files and using the self-assessment programs.
He praised designing a form which will include details of all the study programs and another one containing C.V. of each of staff member, which will be put in the university website to give opportunity for external bodies to get acquainted with the staff members and study programs of the university so as either to join it or to select consultant and experts in various fields.