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A Training Course for the Petroleum Institutions

A Training Course for the Petroleum Institutions

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Jadallah Abdallah Alhassan Addressed the closing session of the training course for representatives of companies working in the petroleum field organized by College of Petroleum Engineering and Technology.
His Excellency stressed the university role in serving the community through organizing such courses. He praised the role played by College of Petroleum Engineering, which is a window for the Community, calling for necessity of utilizing the researches to serve development in the country through collaboration with the industrial institutions.
Dean of College of Petroleum Engineering, Dr. Abdarahman Ibrahim spoke on the same occasion, assuring that College of Petroleum Engineering will continue organizing the specialized training courses in the petroleum field by making use of the international expertise to keep abreast with the rapid development in this field for serving development in the country.
It's note-worthy that the course included 30 participants representing the companies and institutions working in the petroleum field in the country. The lectures were delivered by ustaz Alzaki Mohammed Abdallah and the Indian Expert Fiji.