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A Deliberation Session between Vice-chancellor


At 9:30 a.m Khartoum local time i.e 4:30 p.m Tokyo local time in 1/8/2007 a deliberation session was held between the SUST Deans Council and vice-chancellor of Lio University Prof. Eyki Sinaha through video-conference in the Smart Hall, college of Computer Science and Information Technology. During the session, the deans got acquainted with the Japanese educational experiment which starts with the kindergartens, primary and secondary from where branching to either the regular secondary education, distance education or the vocational, technical and private colleges which vary from 3-5 years, then the higher education level. Prof. Eyki also touched on the admission procedures, the evaluation and examinations systems pursued by the Japanese universities and evaluation and accreditation systems. Further he briefed the deans on tests taken by the applicants and the selection mechanisms.