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college of Petroleum Engineering trip


The college of Petroleum Engineering - Sudan university of science and technology – organized a training course for Petroleum Engineers, instructors of the colleges of Engineering and Petroleum Technology Engineering and other interested engineers, on Non-Destructive Testing of petroleum equipment, from 13 – 17.8.2006 at the premises of the college in Eastern Daims. The course was delivered by Mr. Alzaki Abdullah Alzaki, Sr. NDT Instructor at ARAMCO company. Dr. Abdurrahman Ibrahem the dean of college of petroleum Engineering, said that course is one of the advanced courses which uses modern devices in the mentioned fields. Mr. Alzaki Abdullah Alzaki highly appreciated the university cooperativeness and role in facilitating the import of laboratory devices to the country. He added that college has finished the building of infrastructures in spite of the gab between Sudan and other countries, saying that the graduates will address the need of trained cadres to fill the vacuum in labour market. Its worth mentioning here that the course was attended by 29 trainees (engineers and instructors) from College of Engineering –SUST, College of Engineering-Khartoum University and engineers from 8 petroleum companies. At the end of the course Dr Abdurrahman handed certificates to the trainees.