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A Symposium on Constructing Institutional Distinction

A Symposium on Constructing Institutional Distinction

The Presidency of the Republic Supreme Council for quality, in collaboration with the Sudan University Centre of Quality and Distinction, has organized a symposium on Constructing Institutional Distinction-the experience of Dubai Distinguished Governmental Performance Program, delivered by Dr. Ahmed Nissairat, the Advisor of Dubai program. The Symposium attended by the Vice-Chancellor of Sudan University Professor Ahmed Attayieb Ahmed and Professor Alhadi Altejani, the President of the Republic Advisor of Quality.
Dr. Nissairat pointed that the university is a social institution, and reference for other institutions in the way it assesses and evaluates service to realize positive and transparent outputs.
The symposium discussed the setbacks of the administrative work in the Arab countries, indicated at the positive role of administration will be reflected on politics, economy and governmental services. The symposium summarizes the setbacks of administrative work in: Backwardness of systems and laws, scarcity of production, Bureaucracy, Routine and incompetence of work environment, thatís to say, there is no a definite concept of distinguished service, administration in these countries is the job of the jobless.
Nissairat maintained that the modern concept of distinction include, excellence of performance and services, stating that distinguished institutions have to adopt a simple structure, and work continuously towards development and have to discuss the problems and setbacks that hindering development.
The symposium aimed at developing and promoting government sector programs, and assured the necessity of rewarding government officials who abide by the standards of quality, in addition to the application of an international distinction model, at private and government levels.