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College of Agriculture Scientific Trip

College of Agriculture Scientific Trip

The college of agriculture in Sudan University have praised and received warmly Professor Ahmed Al ttayeb Ahmed, Vice – Chancellor of the University, for his generous support to the scientific trip organized by the college.
Professor Gad Allah Abdullah Al hasan, Dean of the college spoke of the advantages of the trip saying that it was a chance to know some agricultural schemes and production areas.
Ustaz Bakry, the representative of the delegation said that the trip was aimed at creating new social relations and exchanging expertise, he added that the members of the society have held symposiums and lectures on: Forest fruits, the role of women in agricultural rationalization. The visit covered, University of Deling sorghum production area – Gum Arabic center – West Sudan researches center – Al Semaih scheme and Rahad scheme.
Professor Ahmed Al Taybe Ahmed commended the staff and administration of the college and said that the college is now one of the distinguished colleges in Sudan and has good reputation and relations with its counterparts outside the country. He accentuated the role played by the college in training and qualifying staff in agricultural field throughout the various universities of the Sudan, he also appealed to the college to keep on organizing such kind of trips to push forward scientific and applied research especially in field of cotton cultivation for it’s the most important of Sudan exports, he recommended the establishment of a cotton research center in the college.